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Services Offered and Fees Charged (Standard Circumstances)
We can't tell you the price of every possible service as every situation is different and input efforts and costs vary, but we can tell you what we do and give some pricing guidance!
We are often being asked to tackle new projects or variations on a standard theme (which need to be costed out) so the best thing to do is ask for a quote relating to your specific circumstances and / or property.

To COMPLY with NEW legislation that came into force on 27th May 2015, we hereunder set
down those fees applicable to Landlords when seeking a Letting & Tenancy Management service.

This FEE LIST WILL CHANGE WEF 1st JUNE 2019 in order that we comply with a TENANT FEES BAN coming into effect from that date. This site may not have been updated immediately.

- Full Letting Only
But 50% of Rent if more than £790 p/month
- Letting with Management Service
or £45 below Full Letting Fee (see above)
- Deposit Lodging Fee
This to lodge and hold funds with the DPS
- Management Fee (Monthly)- Basic
 8% of Rent
Minimum of £40 per month.
- Value Added Tax
 Gov. Rate 
Not applicable as at 1st April 2018^.

 and to prospective Tenants who apply for and are successful in securing a tenancy through us.

- Referencing Fee (One Adult)
Per Tenancy
- Referencing Fee (Two Adults) 
Per Tenancy
- Referencing Fee (Three Adults)
Additional adults at £50 per person
- Guarantor Referencing 
First Guarantor Only; Else as Tenant/s
- Holding Deposit
Covered by Referencing Fee  
- Lease / Renewal Fees
Except when requested by Tenant/s
- End of Lease Check Out Fee
 From £65.00
Check Lease for Details 
- Other Fees / Costs to Tenant/s
 Per Lease 
Non-standard. Check Lease for Details 
- Value Added Tax
 Gov. Rate 
Not applicable as at 1st April 2018^ 


*This Fee is occasionally varied when the actual service required is something beyond or short of the standard offered.
^If Vat becomes applicable in the future then this will add 20% or the approved Government rate at that time. We don't anticipate this during 2018-2019 but will advise all of our prospects if it might affect them.

Referencing is outsourced and therefore fees are non-refundable. We always ask if there are likely to be issues raised before we proceed to referencing. If we are not advised of any possible issues beforehand then there will be no discretion for partial relaxation of the non-refundability rule if your prospective tenancy is declined due to that specific referencing element outcome. Be certain to alert us to all past financial problems and any judgement against you and of any reason why a past landlord may give a poor reference.

There are rarely any other charges raised under normal / standard circumstances but if these might be applicable they will be advised to you before you incur such or will be detailed upon our lease/s - which you have the discretion not to sign and not to take up an offered tenancy.

To give you some ideas of what you would pay for our other services - and to demonstrate that in most cases you will be charged less than you would be from almost anywhere else - here are a few guidelines.....
BLOCK MANAGEMENT & Full Tenancy Management
BLOCK MANAGEMENT & Full Tenancy Management
These are our main business services and we are focused on providing a high standard of commitment to our clients and at a very affordable rate; often as much as 30% less costly than most established competitors! BLOCK MANAGEMENT: This is a growing arm of our business as we take over from others who perhaps haven't given the standard of service that the Owners / Directors require. TENANCY MANAGEMENT: We receive rentals, handle all calls relative to property tenancy matters, manage repairs and maintenance and regularly inspect your home to check that our tenant is looking after it as we expect him or her to (and taking action if not!!)
Property Inspection Services
For properties not managed by us but where the landlords are unwilling or unable to deal directly with possible demands / issues from tenants during an inspection. We will act on your behalf and give you a brief written report back, often for as little as £40 (depends on the area and property size). This service is also offered to and used by remote buyers of local property who want an independent opinion on value and condition before offering to buy.
Property Inspection Services
Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services
EPCs & Gas Certificates from £65 (Gross), Household maintenance and repairs at rates from £15 per hour for semi-skilled work (£25+ ph for skilled: electrical etc) - if the property is managed by us, but still competitive if it isn't!. See our R & M Works page for examples of some of the tasks we have tackled In-House - and if we think it may be beyond us directly then we use our tried and trusted sub-contract associates to get the work done for you AND we oversee the work done to ensure it is up to standard!
Estate Agency - Sales Service
We are often approached by existing and word of mouth referral clients to oversee and manage the sale of their property / ies - and nearly always at a negotiated fee of lower (sometimes MUCH lower) than would be paid directly to a traditional agent! We act as your aide and we appoint one, two or more professional independent agents to handle the marketing, but you only ever deal with us. You can get a multi-listing service for less than the cost of one single corporate agency provider!
Estate Agency - Sales Service
Estate Agency - Lettings Service
Estate Agency - Lettings Service
As we manage properties and tenancies we occasionally have some of our own stock available, offered first to eligible persons waiting on our database and then to new prospects through our advertising channels & associates. Further, we act for self-managing landlords to find tenants. How much do we charge? It is one of those 'how long is a piece of string' matters - but be sure that our charges are very reasonable. See above for our guide to fees that you will be charged for various services.